Social and healthcare services are provided for three years for immigrants who entered the country as refugees and six months for returnees. After the initial period, immigrants are served by local social and healthcare offices. Social services for immigrants serve refugees and returnees in Oulu and organise integration services at Höyhtyä, Hanhitie 15.Read More →

Finnish and Swedish language in Oulu Here you can find information on the services available in Oulu. There are two official languages in Finland: Finnish and Swedish. In Oulu, most people speak Finnish as their mother tongue. Usually, you can also receive service in shops and at offices in English and Swedish.Read More →

For refugees In the area of Northern Ostrobothnia there are multiple Finnish language courses provided by different places. In TE-offices, there is a possibility to support integrating people’s Finnish studies. To start studying, one must plan it with the TE-office.Read More →

Refugees live here in an accommodation centre until they get a residence permit. Then they are equal citizens with the same rights and responsibilities that all Finns have. The officials are advised to use an interpreter when they can´t speak the refugees` language. The social workers of the accommodation centre start to help refugees to find an apartment.Read More →