The Art Museum in Holstebro was founded in 1967 by a man named Poul Vad. The art at the museum is primarily Danish modern art or traditional art from Africa, Bali and East Asia. The museum has all this different art to show art as a universe, where art is an expression for tradition and value across time and culture. The museum gets about 20.00 visits every year, making it Holstebro’s most visited museum.

The Kierikki Stone Age Centre takes you back in time thousands of years into the distant past of the North. it is located along the Iijoki River on a Stone Age dwelling site that has been studied since the 1960s. Guests enjoy the archaeological exhibition in the Stone Age village.

Day 3 It was a long day… students and teachers visited Valencia, a mediterranean city in the east coast of Spain. Apart from the sun and the beach, Valencia is full of buildings and places full of history. Abroad students were guided by the Spanish one throughout the streets of the centre of Valencia. Using their mobiles, they had to scan one QR code by cultural place or monument that opened an audio file with the explanation of the place in english by a Spanish student. Valencia also host one of the biggest scientific museums of Europe, the Arts and Sciences Museum. Students and teachersRead More →