How I enroll at school? You can enroll at school in any time during the school year, for the inscription your family or your community should go at school and do an inscription answer or online in the school site.

EDUCATION OULU Refugees have very variable learning abilities and educational backgrounds. Social workers try to find a suitable education path to each of them in Oulu. All the kids have liability to participate in compulsory education. Even though a kid doesn’t have a residence permit, one must participate in education.

Education in Holstebro For children, there are many different schools to choose from, both public and private. Children can attend kindergarden from age 4 and continue in public ground schools until they are in 9th grade. After 9th grade student’s can attend many local ‘efterskole’ in 10th grade. Efterskole is a boarding school. They have different focus. For example: sports, art, or outdoor. There are many options for further education after 9th-10th grades. These schools have different focus.

Day 2 It has been an amazing morning! Thanks to the Finninsh students, students and teachers of the other countries have known not only the school building, that is really amazing in its size, technology, resources…, but also the Finnish methodology that is different from the country members. The Finnish students guided each group throughout the school, showing the classes, the gym, the library, the music room, the dining room and the staff room.