Day 1. Such an exhausting day because of the long trip but full of emotions. Students and teachers enjoyed their first day in Denmark in the Legoland park in the city of Billund. At the end of the day, students and teachers of the partner countries traveled to the host city, Holstebro to meet their hosting families.

Education in Holstebro For children, there are many different schools to choose from, both public and private. Children can attend kindergarden from age 4 and continue in public ground schools until they are in 9th grade. After 9th grade student’s can attend many local ‘efterskole’ in 10th grade. Efterskole is a boarding school. They have different focus. For example: sports, art, or outdoor. There are many options for further education after 9th-10th grades. These schools have different focus.

Heath Center If you contact the health center, they can help you with many different things. If you have another ethnic background or come from another country, they can give information and advice about health and different types of illnesses. They advise you about where to receive medical help here in Denmark.

Language Center, Holstebro The language center is a language school for new citizens from other countries who live in Holstebro, Struer and Lemvig. At the language center you have the opportunity to get guidance and lectures in the Danish language, either in a class or alone. At the language center there are 3 supervisors and 29 teachers. You can borrow books, cd’s and movies in the library, if you are a part of the language center.

Job Center, Holstebro The job center can help refugees find a job. They also help you to write an application, get a interview for the job you want, or simply help you to send the application to the right location. They can help you out with SU (education money) or unemployment benefits. They can also help you to choose an education or to figure out if you have the skills to receive an education which is taught in Danish.

For short stays in Holstebro Area, there are a number of hotels and Bed n’ Breakfasts. The three main hotels are Hotel Royal, Hotel Schaumburg, and Giestgivergaard Phønix. Some Bed and Breakfasts are Sutteri sonne Bed and Kitchen, Kyndestoft bed/breakfast, Nordkap Bed &Breakfast, Holstebro Sky Apartments and Studios, and Plexus Hytterne.