Language Center, Holstebro
The language center is a language school for new citizens from other countries who live in Holstebro, Struer
and Lemvig.
At the language center you have the opportunity to get guidance and lectures in the Danish language, either in a class or alone. At the language center there are 3 supervisors and 29 teachers. You can borrow books, cd’s and movies in the library, if you are a part of the language center.

All new citizens who move to Denmark and have residency permits and a CPR number, get an offer of one
year training in the Danish language, culture and how society works. This is called “Danish Education” for
The education leads to a highly functional language use and is completed with an exam. This Exam is one of
the requirements for permanent residency or citizenship. The education is flexible, so that it fits perfectly
into the participants normal day, taking into consideration employment or family demands.. There are also
different streams for those with a higher education in their homeland and those who have either very little
or no formal education at all.
At the language center there are 40 employers and 600 participants from 60 different countries. It is the
local government who pays for the students education, except for S-participants, who have to pay for a
participation fee.

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