From 21th to 25th of January people of I.E.S. Cañada de la Encina, the Spanish school participating in the Integrapp+ project, organized and participated in lots of activities in order to disseminate the Erasmus+ project through the educational community and the local institutions. Some of those activities done in the break time and others during the classes. During the week, in the break time, students, teachers (some of them participate in a KA101 Erasmus+ project) and school staff could be photographied in the photocall that the students of the second grade of vocational training made. These students participate in Stepi, one of the Erasmus+ projectsRead More →

Day 4 The students enjoyed a lot this activity. We proposed them to write in the foam letters of the Integrapp+ project, telling what they wanted, draw what they feeled… and it was amazing!! Teachers and town mayor had fun. All the participants will be present for us with these letters and their words and drawings.

Day 4 Showing to students the importance of being concious of refugees’ situation is one of the mos important goals of the Integrapp+ project. In most cases, students only know about it when watching the news section on TV programs. Students are surrounded by a lot of refugees or immigrant people that are invisible for them. This morning, students and teachers walked through the corridors of the Spanish school, watching the hanging pictures that represents daily life situations of refugees or immigrant people, explained by the Spanish students.

Day 4 Thanks to the mayor of Iniesta the students and teachers could visit the town hall. Is is a restored building from a historical building which is now the principal place for the people of Iniesta. The mayor showed them the plenary room, the room where the decissions are taken between all the town councillors. After seeing the town hall the Integrapp+ partners went to take a walk, visiting a viewpoint close to the bullring where they could watch all the houses and lands far from them.

Day 4 The Spanish visit is finishing but there are still a lot of things to do with our Erasmus+ friends. The day starts with the teachers meeting. They resume the Spanish visit, take some decissions and plan the next visit to Finland. After that meeting the teachers went t school where they meet with the students to start working. They visited the Integrapp+ garden, planted by Spanish students of the second grade of the A levels during their classes. The Erasmus+ students finished the garden that morning planting an olive tree. The plants repreesents to all the countries participating in the Integrapp+ project.

Day 3 After a tired day the Erasmus+ students and teachers arrived to Iniesta. They had dinner in a close restaurant to the school together with the host families in order to exchange experiencies. After the dinner they could enjoy with two traditional dancers group: one of them sung and danced flamenco and the other one sung and danced a local dance named “Paloteo”. The name of this dance is due to the objects that dancers use to hit each other. The students were impressed with one of the traditional instruments. The night ended with a local DJ who played songs that students, teachers andRead More →

Day 3 It was a long day… students and teachers visited Valencia, a mediterranean city in the east coast of Spain. Apart from the sun and the beach, Valencia is full of buildings and places full of history. Abroad students were guided by the Spanish one throughout the streets of the centre of Valencia. Using their mobiles, they had to scan one QR code by cultural place or monument that opened an audio file with the explanation of the place in english by a Spanish student. Valencia also host one of the biggest scientific museums of Europe, the Arts and Sciences Museum. Students and teachersRead More →

Day 2 After having lunch students and teachers in the school, the teachers could visit one of the local wineries and the students had a short free time. On the afternoon, the students participated in a cultural gymkhana, knowing the cultural heritage of Iniesta, the host town. The students had to pass some tests. They had fun!!

Day 2 The local auditorium was the place where the main activities of the Spanish visit took place. Students of the four countries could watch how each other introduced themselves and their towns through a short video. After that, each country showed their work before the visit. Each country made a Powerpoint or Prezi presentation showing the daily life and difficulties of refugees in their countries. This is the most important part of the project. This way the students got concious of the hard life of refugees that decide to leave their countries. Other activity of this mornig in the auditorium was the election ofRead More →