Throughout all the experiences we have had in our internationalization process so far, we have seen
how Erasmus+ projects can definitely and positively influence our students in two main ways:
improving their academic results and developing a European citizenship consciousness. This time
we would like to mix IT with the help to Refugees in Europe, within the framework of our Cultural

In our schools, students are more than willing to take part in the selection process every time we
announce we have been funded. They have seen how older students have improved their
communication skills, their marks and their desire to participate in European activities in an active
way. This project involves the whole community, and from our schools we have made them strongly
believe in Erasmus+ benefits. This time, we are completely aware of how awful is the situation in
Europe as far as Refugees, and immigrants in general, is concerned. We would like to positively
contribute to their welfare with a positive, inclusive and energetic attitude, and we strongly believe

We have also noticed that mobilities in this kind of projects are like the essence; our students need to
open their minds, meet new people and bring home a European consciousness as active
citizenships. Furthermore, we have been witnesses of how students’ mark improve and early school
leaving decreases, since a lot of students want to take part in the project and they need to meet our

During this project students and teachers will also be able to develop their intercultural competences,
where they will be challenged in other cultures, ways of living and learn to put themselves into other