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The last learning-teaching-training activity of the Integrapp+ project. Students and teachers shared their final impressions of all the visits and of the whole project. All of them expressed their gratitude for participate in the Integrapp+ project and to know to their partners, students and teachers. They also regretted that the visit to Mazara del Vallo couldn’t be done because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students and teachers hope to see again. After the meeting, the Spanish students grew some plants in the Integrapp+ garden, started in the 1st visit of the project. The garden will represent the soul of the project and each plant and flowerRead More →

EDUCATION: When refugee children or adolescents come, they are helped by giving them school materials and scholarships so that they can complete their studies. This means a basic education that will allow them to progress in the future and help them improve their personal situation and their families´too. In Spain, primary and secondary education are free and compulsory. Pre-school is not compulsory, but since it is also free, all children go to kindergarten.

HEALTH They have a universal health care. But first, they have to do some paperwork. In case of emergencies or if they need medication, they can be helped by social emergencies of Social Welfare, town hall or Red Cross.

The house of culture is a place that all the towns should have, because in it there are many activities like theater plays, talks by important people, films… In the case of Iniesta in the house of culture you can do more tan that. For example, what they do most often is cinema, that is, they put on films for all types of audiences and when you pass by you can see the billboard of films. Another cool thing about this place is the bar that has inside where you can have a coffee while you sunbathe on the terrace or you can snack untilRead More →

This place is the cooperative, which is located in the outskirts of the town. It’s one of the most recognized places in Iniesta, because wine is a very important part of the economy.This place’s main part is the one that looks as some kind of building, where the wine is made. However, there are also two hermitage, and each on of them contains a statue of a Saint. And, due to the existence of these religious figures, parties take place in the ‘cooperativa’ of Iniesta. There are some benches as well for people who meet here with friends.

Only the local charities can request a translator. There is a place in Albacete (city near Iniesta) where they translate their documents. Sometimes, there are courses to learn the language. Also, they are given a quick guide with the most popular expressions in Spanish to start a living.