This place is the cooperative, which is located in the outskirts of the town. It’s one of the most recognized places in Iniesta, because wine is a very important part of the economy.
This place’s main part is the one that looks as some kind of building, where the wine is made. However, there are also two hermitage, and each on of them contains a statue of a Saint. And, due to the existence of these religious figures, parties take place in the ‘cooperativa’ of Iniesta. There are some benches as well for people who meet here with friends.

In the cooperative of Iniesta a great wine is made. He has won numerous awards. There is variety as: white, red, pink … Farmers sell their grapes, harvested in autumn.
On May 15 in the cooperative San Isidro is celebrated , because it is the day of the workers.

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