From 21th to 25th of January people of I.E.S. Cañada de la Encina, the Spanish school participating in the Integrapp+ project, organized and participated in lots of activities in order to disseminate the Erasmus+ project through the educational community and the local institutions. Some of those activities done in the break time and others during the classes. During the week, in the break time, students, teachers (some of them participate in a KA101 Erasmus+ project) and school staff could be photographied in the photocall that the students of the second grade of vocational training made. These students participate in Stepi, one of the Erasmus+ projectsRead More →

Day 4 Showing to students the importance of being concious of refugees’ situation is one of the mos important goals of the Integrapp+ project. In most cases, students only know about it when watching the news section on TV programs. Students are surrounded by a lot of refugees or immigrant people that are invisible for them. This morning, students and teachers walked through the corridors of the Spanish school, watching the hanging pictures that represents daily life situations of refugees or immigrant people, explained by the Spanish students.