The last learning-teaching-training activity of the Integrapp+ project. Students and teachers shared their final impressions of all the visits and of the whole project. All of them expressed their gratitude for participate in the Integrapp+ project and to know to their partners, students and teachers. They also regretted that the visit to Mazara del Vallo couldn’t be done because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students and teachers hope to see again. After the meeting, the Spanish students grew some plants in the Integrapp+ garden, started in the 1st visit of the project. The garden will represent the soul of the project and each plant and flowerRead More →

Social and health services for Immigrants Social and healthcare services are provided for three years for immigrants who entered the country as refugees and six months for returnees. After the initial period, immigrants are served by local social and healthcare offices.

Over 80 years old theatre, with 8 annual premieres and 400 performances per year for an audience of 80 000. The staff of 100 includes approximately 35 artists, 15 set and costume makers, 30 technical employees, 20 people in administration, production team, and marketing.

EDUCATION OULU Refugees have very variable learning abilities and educational backgrounds. Social workers try to find a suitable education path to each of them in Oulu. All the kids have liability to participate in compulsory education. Even though a kid doesn’t have a residence permit, one must participate in education.