I.E.S. Cañada de la Encina, Iniesta, Cuenca

Website: www.iesiniesta.es

The school is located in the half east part of La Manchuela, in Cuenca, and students from small villages attend classes thanks to public transport. The town is well communicated with bigger cities such us Albacete, Motilla del Palancar, Valencia and Madrid.

We have around 510 students, coming mainly from Iniesta and 46 teachers from different areas. At least 30 of them are Tenure Teachers, which allows us the fact of developing long term programmes with students. Our public school, covers the following teaching/learning areas: Compulsory Secondary Education (12/16), High School (17/18) andVocational Training on IT. The basic principles of our Educative project are based on Respect, Responsibility, Cooperation and Investigation; all of them through open learning systems. Families are implied on both, their children education and activities held out in the school. Our main educational Identity Signs are the Early School Leaving Programme, Attention to Diversity Programmes and Erasmus + Programmes. We have also implemented a Quality System (ISO 9001) which allows us a perfect track and control of the main objectives and projects we are involved in.