Job Center, Holstebro The job center can help refugees find a job. They also help you to write an application, get a interview for the job you want, or simply help you to send the application to the right location. They can help you out with SU (education money) or unemployment benefits. They can also help you to choose an education or to figure out if you have the skills to receive an education which is taught in Danish.

For refugees In the area of Northern Ostrobothnia there are multiple Finnish language courses provided by different places. In TE-offices, there is a possibility to support integrating people’s Finnish studies. To start studying, one must plan it with the TE-office.

1) How do i find a job? do I have to sign up somewhere? You should register at the placement office and follow the condition: to be unemployed give immediate availability to do any type of work be at least 16 years old have no more than 65 years.

They need to register in the townhall. The charities train the refugees with especific courses. When they have the formation, they start to work. They can legalize their situation after two years of permanent job. Children under 16 must go to school, so they need to register and attend classes.