For refugees
In the area of Northern Ostrobothnia there are multiple Finnish language courses provided by
different places. In TE-offices, there is a possibility to support integrating people’s Finnish studies.
To start studying, one must plan it with the TE-office.

If you’re left without a job
To sign yourself up as a job applicant without any major recognition, such as a netbank ID:

  1. Fill up a job application, copy it as paper and sign it.
  2. Start looking for a job by sending said items (listed below) to the TE-office
    Job application (Instructions above).
    A copy of your ID card, magistrate’s files or Finnish social security number.
    A copy of your stay permit or an EU/ETA registration certificate.
  3. To make sure that your application at the TE-office doesn’t expire, send proof that your stay
    permit is legitimate. When you apply for continuation of your stay permit and it gets granted, send
    a copy of it to the TE-office.

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