Day 3 Funny day! The third day has been a chance to learn at the time that the students play. The Integrapp+ group have traveled to Oivanki, a camp in Kuusamo, Lapland, close to the border of Russia. It has been another great activity of this journey. Firstly, the staff of the Oivanki camp told to the students about the characteristics of a good group. At this time, the students didn’t understand anything about it. They wanted to play, they wanted to run… after grouping the students and explaining to the teachers the dynamics of the games, each group started in one work group game.Read More →

Day 2 The second day of the visit finished with free time for students and teachers. All of them began knowing the city center, the town hall building… and finally visiting the seaside and the Oulu port. Beautiful places to live in. The teachers ended their day meeting in their host hotel and the students had free time with their families in the youth center and in the football field. It’s time to rest to the next and long day.Read More →

Day 2 The Erasmus+ group continued the second day of the visit knowing about the situation of the refugees and immigrants that arrive to Finland, in most cases not speaking even english. Immigrant students and their teachers of the OSAO vocational college told to the Erasmus+ members about their situation, know and when they arrived to Finland. In groups, the students could make questions to them. A gratifying activity for all of us. Thank’s to the OSAO immigrants, teachers and to the Finnish coordinators for the opportunity.Read More →

Day 2 The music room of the Finnish school is the perfect place to record the project hymn. The hymn was composed and written by the Spanish students. In this visit to Finland, all the students have sung their corresponding chorus in their own language and one of them in english while the Spanish students have sung all the lyrics in Spanish. The result of that season is a wonderful song that talks about the topic of the project. in a few days it will be possible to watch a video of the recording season.Read More →

Day 2 The key activity of all the visits. Time before all the visits, students of the four countries work in several tasks in order to gather information about the topic of each visit. The information is useful to talk to the other project members the situation and the resources about the topic in their own country. The topic of the Finnish visit is: New place to live! The students visited local associations that help refugees and immigrants, medical centers, town hall… so that they could know the opportunities that immigrants have when they arrive to their towns/cities.Read More →

Day 2 It has been an amazing morning! Thanks to the Finninsh students, students and teachers of the other countries have known not only the school building, that is really amazing in its size, technology, resources…, but also the Finnish methodology that is different from the country members. The Finnish students guided each group throughout the school, showing the classes, the gym, the library, the music room, the dining room and the staff room.Read More →

From 21th to 25th of January people of I.E.S. Cañada de la Encina, the Spanish school participating in the Integrapp+ project, organized and participated in lots of activities in order to disseminate the Erasmus+ project through the educational community and the local institutions. Some of those activities done in the break time and others during the classes. During the week, in the break time, students, teachers (some of them participate in a KA101 Erasmus+ project) and school staff could be photographied in the photocall that the students of the second grade of vocational training made. These students participate in Stepi, one of the Erasmus+ projectsRead More →

Day 4 The students enjoyed a lot this activity. We proposed them to write in the foam letters of the Integrapp+ project, telling what they wanted, draw what they feeled… and it was amazing!! Teachers and town mayor had fun. All the participants will be present for us with these letters and their words and drawings.Read More →

Day 4 Showing to students the importance of being concious of refugees’ situation is one of the mos important goals of the Integrapp+ project. In most cases, students only know about it when watching the news section on TV programs. Students are surrounded by a lot of refugees or immigrant people that are invisible for them. This morning, students and teachers walked through the corridors of the Spanish school, watching the hanging pictures that represents daily life situations of refugees or immigrant people, explained by the Spanish students.Read More →