Day 3

Funny day!

The third day has been a chance to learn at the time that the students play. The Integrapp+ group have traveled to Oivanki, a camp in Kuusamo, Lapland, close to the border of Russia. It has been another great activity of this journey.

Firstly, the staff of the Oivanki camp told to the students about the characteristics of a good group. At this time, the students didn’t understand anything about it. They wanted to play, they wanted to run… after grouping the students and explaining to the teachers the dynamics of the games, each group started in one work group game. The groups had 20 minutes to try it and then, rotate to the next game. They had fun a lot.

When all the groups played all the games the staff of the camp showed them again the characteristics of a good group that they had proposed before the games and they realised that there were some more necessary characteristics. The students realised that if one member of the group didn’t coordinate with the others… the game didn’t work.

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