Teachers’ meeting Minutes

16th – 18th May 2019


1. Certificates and Payment cards
The coordinator gives all the certificates and payment cards.

2. Organization of the visit and activities
The organization of the visit has been perfect. We have straightly followed the programme of the visit and everything has worked out properly. The students and teachers are really happy with the activities. We have had the chance to work on the main topic, refugees, as well as to know more about the culture of the country, which has been a great experience.

3. e-twinning
We all will try our best to continue etwinning as a communication tool for teachers and students. Our first task will be to créate a new thread, where students and teachers will share their thoughts and feelings about their experience in Oulu.

4. Tasks for each country
Here you will find the tasks we were supposed to do after the visit to Iniesta. Let’s check if everything is done. We’ll work on the problems that may have appeared.

Now, these are the tasks of every country after the visit to Finland:

Spain: Mobile app, website and social networks
Finland: Coordinate etwinning, School Education Gateway and Project Results Platform
Denmark: coordinate the refugee dictionary in English and our mother languages, to be uploaded to our App. Students will choose about 10-15 words they consider important as to be included in this useful dictionary. They will be translanted into English, our mother language, and the most common language used by inmigrants/refugees in our areas.
Italy: Creation of questionnaires for teachers and students and analize the results. Feedback for the next visit to Denmark.

As we agreed, we ́ll continue working on them and everything will be uploaded to our Drive Folder.

5. Dates for next visits. Denmark, Italy
We agreed for the next visit, which will take place in Denmark, from 2nd up to 6th in October 2019
Spain. We are two teachers and 7 students (2 boys and 5 girls)
The coordinators of Denmark presented us a draft of the visit to Holstebro together with a budget. Here you can have a look at it.

Wednesday October 2nd – Sunday Oct. 6th

Program for Wed
Danes leave Ballet School
Legoland is within walking distance of Billund https://www.legoland.dk/ open 10:00-17:00
Danes pick up Finns at airport and drive to Legoland
Danes pick up Spainards at Airport and drive to Legoland
Danes pick up Italians at Airport and drive to Legoland
Each group pays for their own food and drinks
Departure to Holstebro
Arrival at Ballet School. Host families meet,greet and take students home
Teacher’s eat together in town
Visiting teachers stay at Hotel Royal (in the same building as Ballet School) https://hotel-royal.dk/

School visit: Students present tasks, group work, tour of school
Visit Town Hall and meet the Mayor
Gymkana of important cultural locations in Holstebro town center
Packed lunches for students, meal in town for teachers
Walk to local Refugee center. Visit center and language school at center. Possibly meet some refugees
Meeting for teachers to plan the next visit
Spise fælles – kinesisk? man køber selv drikkevarer

Visit ’the Triangle’ and area of town where many foreigners settle and live
Meet with Tiahes, refugee from Sri Lanka and Hussan, a refugee from Syria who are both active in building community among refugees (Tiahes is also a local politician)
Visit center in ‘the Triangle’, which helps to integrate refugees/foreigners
Indian dance instruction by Tiahes. Possibly other traditional dance performance/instruction
Free afternoon for students. Free time for teachers
Teachers eat together in town. Joined by Ballet School teachers who have participated in Erasmus programs.

Trip to Aarhus
Departure from School
Moesgård Museum – Denmark’s viking history
Either on your own or with a guided tour in English. For tours:
booking@moesgaardmuseum.dk (price approx.. 2200 kr. for two groups, 1.5 hr. tour)
Packed lunches eaten at museum
Tour of Aarhus by Kim (time allowing)
Snacks given out
Free time in Aarhus
Home again
Pot-Luck dinner (host families come with homemade food) at school
Disco at school…….

Departure from School

Per person- also teachers (bus transportation, Legoland, Arhus, evening meal, snacks): 127,00€
Hotel and Meals for teachers: 566,80
Dates for the visit to Italy. We all agreed that the visit will take place from the 25th up to the 29th of March in 2020. All flights will be to Palermo.

6. Denmark Visit

What you can read above is taken directly from the official Project. We all agreed that we should change the topic, mainly because we think that cultural heritage in our places and contribution of refugees will enrich more our Project.
Denmark will set up the tasks we should work on with our students after a meeting in their school with the coordinator.

7. Mobile Application and Web page
It will have two sections:

  • Cultural heritage: 6 places for each country and a cultural quizz.
  • Administrative management: 6 sections (school, medical services, social services, accomodation, jobs, language

Spain will be in charge of creating it.

8. Difussion of visits. Staff Meeting, workshops, social networks
Coordinators in each country will try and make the difussion of the visit to Finland. This part is very important for our National Agencies and also for the final report (official web page of the Project to staff, parents, students, parents and students associations, etc..)

9. Evaluation of the visit
Italy will create the questionnaires and they will be sent to the coordinators as son as they are ready. By the end of May/beginning of June questionnaires may be done by students and teachers, and Italian coordinator will make a summary. After that, she will upload it to our Drive folder.

10. Q&A Session. Suggestions
Coordinators of each school will be in charge of filling the Mobility Tool after each visit.

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