Refugees live here in an accommodation centre until they get a residence permit. Then they are equal citizens with the same rights and responsibilities that all Finns have. The officials are advised to use an interpreter when they can´t speak the refugees` language. The social workers of the accommodation centre start to help refugees to find an apartment.Read More →

For short stays in Holstebro Area, there are a number of hotels and Bed n’ Breakfasts. The three main hotels are Hotel Royal, Hotel Schaumburg, and Giestgivergaard Phønix. Some Bed and Breakfasts are Sutteri sonne Bed and Kitchen, Kyndestoft bed/breakfast, Nordkap Bed &Breakfast, Holstebro Sky Apartments and Studios, and Plexus Hytterne.Read More →

Day 2 The key activity of all the visits. Time before all the visits, students of the four countries work in several tasks in order to gather information about the topic of each visit. The information is useful to talk to the other project members the situation and the resources about the topic in their own country. The topic of the Finnish visit is: New place to live! The students visited local associations that help refugees and immigrants, medical centers, town hall… so that they could know the opportunities that immigrants have when they arrive to their towns/cities.Read More →

Day 4 Showing to students the importance of being concious of refugees’ situation is one of the mos important goals of the Integrapp+ project. In most cases, students only know about it when watching the news section on TV programs. Students are surrounded by a lot of refugees or immigrant people that are invisible for them. This morning, students and teachers walked through the corridors of the Spanish school, watching the hanging pictures that represents daily life situations of refugees or immigrant people, explained by the Spanish students.Read More →

Day 2 The local auditorium was the place where the main activities of the Spanish visit took place. Students of the four countries could watch how each other introduced themselves and their towns through a short video. After that, each country showed their work before the visit. Each country made a Powerpoint or Prezi presentation showing the daily life and difficulties of refugees in their countries. This is the most important part of the project. This way the students got concious of the hard life of refugees that decide to leave their countries. Other activity of this mornig in the auditorium was the election ofRead More →