They need to register in the townhall. The charities train the refugees with especific courses. When they have the formation, they start to work. They can legalize their situation after two years of permanent job. Children under 16 must go to school, so they need to register and attend classes.

This place, called El Torreon, it’s the last rest of a medieval castle which was situated in the highest zone of the town. At the end of the Middle Ages, this castle was sent to be destroyed, after the victory of Catholic Kings against the Marqués de Villena, owner of the castle and Iniesta. There is a bullfighting arena which in the past was used as a public place for celebrations. Few years ago, they found a piece of the Iberia Age. Today, we use this place as Iniesta tourism office and we maintain the municipal clock.

In Iniesta, we have a Cáritas hostel, which depends on the Catholic church. They can stay there for some time. After that, they are sent to ACCEM. In our town, there are not especific resources. Only we help with procedures.

The house of culture is a place that all the towns should have, because in it there are many activities like theater plays, talks by important people, films… In the case of Iniesta in the house of culture you can do more tan that. For example, what they do most often is cinema, that is, they put on films for all types of audiences and when you pass by you can see the billboard of films. Another cool thing about this place is the bar that has inside where you can have a coffee while you sunbathe on the terrace or you can snack untilRead More →

Teachers’ meeting Minutes 29th November 2018 – 1st December 2018 Agenda 1. Certificates and Payment cards. The coordinators have received the payment cards and the certificates for teachers and students. Every country has realized the payment in cash except for Italy, which has made an international bank transfer. 2. Sign official document about Portugal. This document has been sent to the National Agency of the coordinator country, that means Spain. It has also been sent to all the participant countries. 3. Organization of the visit and activities. Everybody is happy about the organization of the activities. If problems have appeared, they have been solved, bearing inRead More →

One of the programmed activities for the Spanish visit is to know more about the life and situation of refugees and immigrant people in the city of each school. In order to do that, students are working with their teachers and interviewing to refugees or immigrants, collecting data that will be helpful to sum up their situation and the difficulties they had when had to come to our countries. Here you can find some pictures of Spanish and Finnish students working with interviews: Spain Finland

These days, students of all the countries involved in the Integrapp+ project are preparing the activities that will be done in the first visit. This time, finnish, italian and danish students will travel to the spanish school, the I.E.S. Cañada de la Encina school in Iniesta, Spain. The student are training and working in their free time to prepare all the products that will be shown in the different activities during the visit to Spain. Spanish students Finnish Students Italian students