Holstebro has a main park that is a short distance from Holstebro´s town center. The park has a big lake in the middle. There is a lot of natural life, like ducks and fish in the lake and birds in the trees. You can walk on small paths around the lake, which are easily accessable. There is also a playground in the park that is beautifully surrounded by trees. There is also an outdoor stage where theater plays or concerts are shown in the summertime. The space in nature makes an atmosphere of peace and composure.

The house of culture is a place that all the towns should have, because in it there are many activities like theater plays, talks by important people, films… In the case of Iniesta in the house of culture you can do more tan that. For example, what they do most often is cinema, that is, they put on films for all types of audiences and when you pass by you can see the billboard of films. Another cool thing about this place is the bar that has inside where you can have a coffee while you sunbathe on the terrace or you can snack untilRead More →