The last learning-teaching-training activity of the Integrapp+ project. Students and teachers shared their final impressions of all the visits and of the whole project. All of them expressed their gratitude for participate in the Integrapp+ project and to know to their partners, students and teachers. They also regretted that the visit to Mazara del Vallo couldn’t be done because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students and teachers hope to see again. After the meeting, the Spanish students grew some plants in the Integrapp+ garden, started in the 1st visit of the project. The garden will represent the soul of the project and each plant and flowerRead More →

Teachers’ meeting Minutes 2nd – 6th Oct 2019 Agenda 1. Certificates and Payment cards The coordinator gives all the certificates and payment cards. 2. Organization of the visit and activities All the activities have been perfectly designed according to the main goals of this visit. Students have felt at home in their host families and the organizing teachers, together with the management team at the school have made a very professional job regarding the tasks. 3. e-twinningFinland coordinator will prepare the e-twinning tasks for the following months. We all have to make sure how to use this tool. She suggests that we all log inRead More →

Day 1. Such an exhausting day because of the long trip but full of emotions. Students and teachers enjoyed their first day in Denmark in the Legoland park in the city of Billund. At the end of the day, students and teachers of the partner countries traveled to the host city, Holstebro to meet their hosting families.

It’s the oldest church in Holstebro. The first church was built in 1440, but that church burned down. They rebuild the church and reinforced it. In 1907, they realized the church was too small, so they decided to build a new one. Unfortunately, the old church was built too strong, so they struggled demolishing it. They then decided to use dynamite for the demolition, and succeeded. The church they built in 1907 was too big to be placed in right direction. So, in order to build the new church, so they had to change that also.

The Odin Theater was founded in Oslo in 1964 by Eugenio Barba. He gathered a group of actor aspirants, who had not entered the State Theater School, and developed a training for actors. At this time, no other similar groups existed in Europe. Being self-taught and independent of the mainstream theater world was unheard of and has characterized the history of the Odin Theater up to now.

The Music Theatre Holstebro was built in 1966. It was one of the incentives for placing focus on cultural in Holstebro in the 1960’s. The theatre has been renovated several times, most recently in 2006. In 2009, Boxen opened, which houses the Black Box Dance Company. On the southern side of the box, you find Denmark’s largest outdoor digital screen of 90 square meters.

The main square is in the center of Holstebro. It is surrounded by stores and cafeterias. The commune has decided to decorate the fountain, in the middle of the square, after the different seasons of the year. The fountain itself, is decorated with St. George and the dragon (St. Jørgen and the Dragon). The decoration of St. Jørgen and the dragon, is the same that is on Holstebro’s coat of arms.