Now you can download the Intergapp+ project app developed by the Spanish students in order to help to immigrants and to refugees in their daily life. No matter if you are one of them. Download it and you will see it’s helpfull information. Download page

The last learning-teaching-training activity of the Integrapp+ project. Students and teachers shared their final impressions of all the visits and of the whole project. All of them expressed their gratitude for participate in the Integrapp+ project and to know to their partners, students and teachers. They also regretted that the visit to Mazara del Vallo couldn’t be done because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students and teachers hope to see again. After the meeting, the Spanish students grew some plants in the Integrapp+ garden, started in the 1st visit of the project. The garden will represent the soul of the project and each plant and flowerRead More →

Day 3. Today we’ve visited a cultural center for foreigners, where they can attend Danish classes, workshops, or just gather together. This place is full of refugees from Syria, Somalia, Afganistán and some other places. We’ve been able to listen to some music, eat some treads or wear their typical clothes. In the afternoon, we’ve visited the Odín theatre, a cozy place full of culture. We’ve made a performance workshops and we’ve sung some lullabies from our countries. Special day…

Day 1. Such an exhausting day because of the long trip but full of emotions. Students and teachers enjoyed their first day in Denmark in the Legoland park in the city of Billund. At the end of the day, students and teachers of the partner countries traveled to the host city, Holstebro to meet their hosting families.

Day 4 Knowing to Santa’s friends And the fourth day of the visit to Finland ends. On the way to Oulu the Integrapp+ group could visit a reindeer farm. In the country, the reindeers felt free and the farm owners, a kindly married couple, gave to the students and teachers some reindeer food so that they could offer to the reindeers. This way, the reindeers came to their hands. It was a lovely time!. After that, the farm owners offered to the Integrapp+ group grilled reindeer sausages and blueberry juice while explained how they took care of the reinders all the year. Thank’s for yourRead More →

Day 4 Bye bye Oivanki! On the way, the group visit Oulanka, a Finnish National Park bordering with Russia. They could walk thoughout the Park over 2 hours, having a break to have the packed meal, including some sausages to grill beside a river. During the hike, students and teachers could breath clean air, hear the sound of the rapids and see a waterfall. It was a tired but exciting activity.