Education in Holstebro
For children, there are many different schools to choose from, both public and private. Children can attend kindergarden from age 4 and continue in public ground schools until they are in 9th grade.
After 9th grade student’s can attend many local ‘efterskole’ in 10th grade. Efterskole is a boarding school. They have different focus. For example: sports, art, or outdoor. There are many options for further education after 9th-10th grades. These schools have different focus.

For example: Business, college prep, technical, trade. These schools are like ‘high school’.
There are further/continuing education options in Holstebro. At UCH and VUC, adults can get degrees/certificates in all different professions.
Adult education is also available at FOF and AOF. There are classes in cooking, yoga, crafts, languages, dance, psychology, etc.

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