One of the programmed activities for the Spanish visit is to know more about the life and situation of refugees and immigrant people in the city of each school. In order to do that, students are working with their teachers and interviewing to refugees or immigrants, collecting data that will be helpful to sum up their situation and the difficulties they had when had to come to our countries. Here you can find some pictures of Spanish and Finnish students working with interviews: Spain Finland

These days, students of all the countries involved in the Integrapp+ project are preparing the activities that will be done in the first visit. This time, finnish, italian and danish students will travel to the spanish school, the I.E.S. Cañada de la Encina school in Iniesta, Spain. The student are training and working in their free time to prepare all the products that will be shown in the different activities during the visit to Spain. Spanish students Finnish Students Italian students

Congratulations to the selected spanish students! They have passed the selection process for participating in the Integrapp+ project. So, now it’s time to work hard for preparing the first visit of the project. The project partners visit Spain from 28 Nov to 2 Dec 2018. From Spain, teachers, students, school staff and local authorities start working tomorrow.