EDUCATION: When refugee children or adolescents come, they are helped by giving them school materials and scholarships so that they can complete their studies. This means a basic education that will allow them to progress in the future and help them improve their personal situation and their families´too. In Spain, primary and secondary education are free and compulsory. Pre-school is not compulsory, but since it is also free, all children go to kindergarten.Read More →

Education in Holstebro For children, there are many different schools to choose from, both public and private. Children can attend kindergarden from age 4 and continue in public ground schools until they are in 9th grade. After 9th grade student’s can attend many local ‘efterskole’ in 10th grade. Efterskole is a boarding school. They have different focus. For example: sports, art, or outdoor. There are many options for further education after 9th-10th grades. These schools have different focus.Read More →

HOW TO MAINTAIN CULTURAL FOOD HERITAGE? THERE ARE MANY ETHNIC RESTAURANTS IN OULU. Many refugee´s also consider it fairly easy to maintain their cultural food heritage. Here are some examples of restaurants that represent a certain nationality and it`s cultural foods: Pizzeria da mario, italian. Restaurant el sabor, spanish. Phuket thai takeaway, thai. Hanko sushi, japanese. Hai long, chinese Nagraja oy (Garam masala), indian. Restaurant huvila, french. Restaurant zakuska, russianRead More →