The Kierikki Stone Age Centre takes you back in time thousands of years into the distant past of the North. it is located along the Iijoki River on a Stone Age dwelling site that has been studied since the 1960s. Guests enjoy the archaeological exhibition in the Stone Age village.

HOW TO MAINTAIN CULTURAL FOOD HERITAGE? THERE ARE MANY ETHNIC RESTAURANTS IN OULU. Many refugee´s also consider it fairly easy to maintain their cultural food heritage. Here are some examples of restaurants that represent a certain nationality and it`s cultural foods: Pizzeria da mario, italian. Restaurant el sabor, spanish. Phuket thai takeaway, thai. Hanko sushi, japanese. Hai long, chinese Nagraja oy (Garam masala), indian. Restaurant huvila, french. Restaurant zakuska, russian

Social and healthcare services are provided for three years for immigrants who entered the country as refugees and six months for returnees. After the initial period, immigrants are served by local social and healthcare offices. Social services for immigrants serve refugees and returnees in Oulu and organise integration services at Höyhtyä, Hanhitie 15.

Finnish and Swedish language in Oulu Here you can find information on the services available in Oulu. There are two official languages in Finland: Finnish and Swedish. In Oulu, most people speak Finnish as their mother tongue. Usually, you can also receive service in shops and at offices in English and Swedish.

For refugees In the area of Northern Ostrobothnia there are multiple Finnish language courses provided by different places. In TE-offices, there is a possibility to support integrating people’s Finnish studies. To start studying, one must plan it with the TE-office.

Refugees live here in an accommodation centre until they get a residence permit. Then they are equal citizens with the same rights and responsibilities that all Finns have. The officials are advised to use an interpreter when they can´t speak the refugees` language. The social workers of the accommodation centre start to help refugees to find an apartment.

Teachers’ meeting Minutes 16th – 18th May 2019 Agenda 1. Certificates and Payment cards The coordinator gives all the certificates and payment cards. 2. Organization of the visit and activities The organization of the visit has been perfect. We have straightly followed the programme of the visit and everything has worked out properly. The students and teachers are really happy with the activities. We have had the chance to work on the main topic, refugees, as well as to know more about the culture of the country, which has been a great experience. 3. e-twinning We all will try our best to continue etwinning asRead More →