• Logo project

    Congratullations to Finland for their winner logo

  • Virtual meeting

    Virtual meeting

    Students and teachers could talk and greet to their friends.

  • Italian group

    Italian group

    Italian students attends to the virtual meeting.

  • Integrapp+ garden

    Integrapp+ garden

    Spanish students growing plants in the Integrapp+ garden.

Now you can download the Intergapp+ project app developed by the Spanish students in order to help to immigrants and to refugees in their daily life. No matter if you are one of them. Download it and you will see it’s helpfull information. Download page

Spanish news published in communication media about INTEGRAPP+.   Radio interview – Regional radio Radio interview – Local radio Website news – Local goverment Website news – Regional news Website news – Regional news Website news – Local news Website news – Regional news Website news – Regional news Website news – Regional news Website news – Regional news Website news – Regional news

The last learning-teaching-training activity of the Integrapp+ project. Students and teachers shared their final impressions of all the visits and of the whole project. All of them expressed their gratitude for participate in the Integrapp+ project and to know to their partners, students and teachers. They also regretted that the visit to Mazara del Vallo couldn’t be done because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students and teachers hope to see again. After the meeting, the Spanish students grew some plants in the Integrapp+ garden, started in the 1st visit of the project. The garden will represent the soul of the project and each plant and flowerRead More →

Teachers’ meeting Minutes 2nd – 6th Oct 2019 Agenda 1. Certificates and Payment cards The coordinator gives all the certificates and payment cards. 2. Organization of the visit and activities All the activities have been perfectly designed according to the main goals of this visit. Students have felt at home in their host families and the organizing teachers, together with the management team at the school have made a very professional job regarding the tasks. 3. e-twinningFinland coordinator will prepare the e-twinning tasks for the following months. We all have to make sure how to use this tool. She suggests that we all log inRead More →

Day 3. Today we’ve visited a cultural center for foreigners, where they can attend Danish classes, workshops, or just gather together. This place is full of refugees from Syria, Somalia, Afganistán and some other places. We’ve been able to listen to some music, eat some treads or wear their typical clothes. In the afternoon, we’ve visited the Odín theatre, a cozy place full of culture. We’ve made a performance workshops and we’ve sung some lullabies from our countries. Special day…

Day 1. Such an exhausting day because of the long trip but full of emotions. Students and teachers enjoyed their first day in Denmark in the Legoland park in the city of Billund. At the end of the day, students and teachers of the partner countries traveled to the host city, Holstebro to meet their hosting families.